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    Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.

    National high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research,
    development, production and management of pesticides

    官方移動平臺_Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.


    We are always on the way!

    NO. Product name Categories CAS NO. Package
    1 Asulam Herbicide 3337-71-1 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum
    2 Bentazone Herbicide 25057-89-0 25KG/bag (cardboard drum)
    3 2,6-Dibromo-4-cyanophenyl octanoate Herbicide 1689-47-0 25KG/barrel (cardboard drum), 200KG/barrel (cardboard drum)
    4 Lenacil Herbicide 2164-8-1 50kg/cardboard barrel
    5 Terbacil Herbicide 5902-51-2 50kg/cardboard barrel
    6 Metribuzin Herbicide 21087-64-9 25KG/bag (cardboard drum)
    7 Propyzamide Herbicide 23950-58-5 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum
    8 Flufenacet Herbicide 142459-58-3 25KG/barrel (cardboard drum)
    9 Flumetsulam Herbicide 98967-40-9 25KG/barrel (cardboard drum), 25KG woven bag
    10 Azoxystrobin Fungicide 131860-33-8 25KG cardboard drum 20L plastic bucket
    11 Bitertanol Fungicide 55179-31-2 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum, 40kg/cardboard drum
    12 Diniconazole Fungicide 83657-24-3 50kg/cardboard barrel
    13 Flutriafol Fungicide 76674-21-0 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum
    14 Hexaconazole Fungicide 79983-71-4 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum
    15 Prochloraz Fungicide 67747-09-5 50kg/cardboard barrel
    16 Tebuconazole Fungicide 107534-96-3 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum.
    17 Triadimefon Fungicide 43121-43-3 50kg/cardboard drum, 200L/iron drum, 40kg/cardboard drum
    18 Triadimenol Fungicide 55219-65-3 50kg/barrel, 200L/iron drum, 25kg/barrel
    19 Validamycin Fungicide 37248-47-8 25KG/barrel (cardboard drum), 200KG/barrel (cardboard drum)
    20 Bacil lus subtilis Fungicide 68038-70-0 25kg/bag, 25kg/barrel
    77 Records 1234