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    Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.

    National high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research,
    development, production and management of pesticides

    官方移動平臺_Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.


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    2,6-Dibromo-4-cyanophenyl octanoate

    CAS NO. 1689-47-0
    Molecular formula


    Molecular weight 403.11
    Structural formula 2,6-Dibromo-4-cyanophenyl octanoate
    Property The product is a pale yellow low volatile waxy crystalline solid. The melting point is 45-46 ℃, sublimed at 90℃ / 13.33 Pa. Industrial products have a slight oily smell. Melt at 40-44℃. Insoluble in water. The solubility at 25 ℃ was (w / v): acetone > 10%, methanol 10%, xylene 70%. It is stable in storage, does not react with most other pesticides, is slightly corrosive, and is easily hydrolyzed by dilute alkali solution.
    Formulation 97%TC;25%EC
    Toxicity Highly toxic. Acute oral LD50250mg/kg in rats.
    Package 25KG/barrel (cardboard drum), 200KG/barrel (cardboard drum)