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    Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.

    National high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research,
    development, production and management of pesticides

    官方移動平臺_Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.


    We are always on the way!


    CAS NO. 80060-09-9
    Molecular formula


    Molecular weight 384
    Structural formula Diafenthiuron
    Property This product is colorless crystal, melting point 149.6 ℃, vapor pressure 220mpa (20℃). Solubility (20℃): 0.05 mg / L water, 280 g / L acetone, 380 g / L cyclohexanone, 210 g / L xylene, 320 g / L toluene, 600 g / L dichloromethane.
    Formulation 96%TC;50%SC;25%SC;50%WP
    Toxicity Acute oral LD50>2068mg (original drug)/kg in rats, acute percutaneous LD50>2000mg/kg in rats, no stimulating effect on rat skin and eyes, acute inhalation LC50 (14h) 0.0558Mg/L air in rats , fish poison is a highly toxic LC50 (96h) squid 0.0038Mg / L, poisonous to bees, oral LD50 (48h) 0.0021Mg / honeybee. There is no obvious harm under field conditions.
    Package 25KG/barrel (cardboard drum), 200KG/barrel